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If a generator, of any type of size, is not working the way it did when it was initially installed, there could be a serious problem. Just like it is important to check a vehicle at the first sign of trouble, the same is true for modern generators. Smaller issues can quickly turn into bigger and more expensive problems if they are not handled quickly. Keep reading for some of the top signs that Electrical service is needed for a generator.

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There Is Visible Damage

A clear indication that generator services are needed is if there is damage. In these situations, it should never be an “ignore it and everything will go away” situation. If someone neglects any visible damage to their generator, it is only going to get worse.

Some of the things to look for include any wires that look to be frayed, worn, or loose. Also, there may also be a ripped broken pull cord if the issue is with a portable generator.

Any type of visible damage on an exterior automatic generator is very common because of storm damage or even outdoor pests. Some signs of damage to watch for include chewed wires, dents, corrosion, or other issues. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection twice per year, if not more often. Electricians can help ensure any issues are handled quickly.

Start-Up Delays

If a generator will not start right away, or if it hesitates when it is trying to come on, it could be an indication of some type of internal issue. In some cases, it may mean that the generator has old or bad fuel in it. It could also be sludge in the lines or tank or a sign that the fuel filter needs to be replaced.

Even if the generator will start up by the fourth or even fifth try, this is a problem that should never be ignored. Next time someone uses it, it may not start up at all.

Inconsistent Power

In this situation, someone may say, “it works okay.” However, this is not a good attitude to have when it comes to generators. If someone has ever had this thought, it is probably because the generator they are using is provided some power, but it is not consistent power. The generator may turn off and on when it feels like it.

Unfortunately, this may be a sign of serious internal damage. Inconsistent power or even flickering lights because of a generator may also be an indication that a higher wattage generator is needed for the electrical needs a user has. Finding the right size generator is essential to get the power needed.

The Generator Runs but Doesn’t Put Out Electricity

This is a tricky problem because the issue may be with the generator, or it could be a problem with the breakers. This is a matter that an electrician needs to look at. The professionals can test the electrical panel and figure out if that is the source of the problem. If that is not the issue, then they can begin looking into the generator to see if that is the problem.

Strange Noises or Smells

Generators should never create any type of unusual smells. This may be an indication of a gas leak and it is a clear fire hazard and a concern for a person’s health. Strange sounds are also an indication of a problem. Sounds like rattling, humming, and squeaking are not normal and something that a generator should not make. These are sounds that may be the result of several problems, ranging from low fuel to a unit that is overworked. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to diagnose without the help of professionals.

The Generator Has Not Been Started in Over Six Months (Or Longer)

Most electricians are going to agree that it is smart to turn a generator on from time to time, at least every few months. This is going to help ensure the starter’s battery remains charged and fresh. Even an automatic generator will benefit from a test fire from time to time to ensure there is nothing going on that may prevent it from working when it is really needed.

Hire an Electrician for Help

When it comes to issues with a generator, the best thing the owner can do is to hire an electrician. They are going to be able to evaluate the problem and make the necessary repairs. In the long run, these are the services that will pay off and help ensure the desired results are achieved.