Electrical Panel Repair in Springtown, TX

Most homeowners don’t think much about their electrical panels unless a breaker needs to be flipped. While this is true, the electrical panel is one of the main electrical points in any home, and it is essential that homeowners keep up with what is going on to ensure it is working properly.

Knowing when professional Electrical services are needed for panel installation or repair is essential. Keep reading for some sign it is time to call electricians for help with electrical panels.

The Electrical Panel Is More Than 25 Years Old

Most electrical panels will last between 25 and 40 years. There is some variability as to how long they are going to last because of several factors. These factors include things like any manufacturer’s defects, wear, and tear, or power surges. No matter the reason, electrical panels that are more than 25 years old may be dangerous. If someone doesn’t want to simply replace it, considering that the panel is over two decades old, it is smart to have an electrical inspection done by a professional electrician to ensure everything is working properly and safely.

Smells Like Something is Burnt or Burning

A homeowner should always be worried if the electrical panel has a burning or burnt odor around it or in it. When circuit breaker panels first fail, it can cause fires and other serious problems. It may also cause devastating effects to the property and even nearby homes or buildings.

Sometimes, the burning odor will be either wood or plastic. The plastic jacket on the electrical wire will melt or the insulation and wood in the walls may get scorched. If these things are noticed, it is essential to have the electrical panel repaired or replaced.

Breakers That Trip Frequently

Modern circuit breakers are designed to trip and turn the flow of electricity off. This is done to help protect people in the home from a circuit that is drawing too much power. This particular design helps to protect homeowners from too much power being pushed into or through the home’s electrical system. However, it may also be an indication that the electrical panel needs to be upgraded.

Sometimes, electrical panels do not have the capacity to provide proper electrical flow. This will leave a homeowner with breakers that trip often. Rather than having to constantly flip the same breaker, again and again, calling an electrician to have the inadequate panel replaced or repaired is strongly recommended.

Not Enough Outlets

There is a similar issue with the electrical panel that may not let enough electrical flow is if someone does not have enough outlets in the home. Even though this may seem like an issue that can be fixed with a power strip, it is never a good idea to overtax any one of the outlets in the home. If there is space on the existing electrical panel, a professional electrician can add additional dedicated circuits and provide new outlets in the home.

However, if the existing electrical panel cannot accommodate any new circuits, it is necessary to have it replaced so that new dedicated circuits can be put in place. Once this is done, new outlets can be added.

The Homeowner Recently Added a Large, New Appliance in the Home

Installing a new appliance, such as a dishwasher, in a home, or any other appliance with a higher electrical draw than the older appliance can result in the homeowner having to invest in a new electrical panel. Similar to the outlets, there are some electrical panels that will be at capacity. As a result, they must be replaced before a new appliance can be run safely.

Fuses Rather Than Circuit Breakers Are Present

While electrical panels that use fuses can be safe, just like those that have circuit breakers to interrupt the electricity flow, this is not always the case. For example, most fuse-based electrical panels can be overtaxed. This is because when the fuse blows, it is necessary to replace the fuse instead of just flipping a switch, which is something that can be done with a modern circuit breaker.

Because most people want to avoid having to replace fuses when they blow, they may use fuses that are too big. This can cause too much energy to go through the circuit, causing an electrical fire. Also, if an electrical panel still uses fuses, it means it is older and there is less room for modern technology and devices. Now is the time to invest in a replacement.