Panel Replacement in Springton, TX

Electrical issues are common. In some situations, the problems are easy to fix and do not require professional electricians’ help. While this is true, this is not always the case. When it comes to a home’s electrical panel, several issues may arise.

Along with knowing the most common signs of a problem with the electrical panel, it is also a good idea to know when professional Electrical service is needed. Keep reading to learn more about a home’s electrical panel, common problems, and when repairs or panel replacement are needed.

Signs of Corrosion

Corrosion is considered a common problem with an electrical panel. It can range from minimal issues to extremely excessive. Like dripping water from a main service line or humidity, any moisture source can result in this corrosion and cause serious damages to any electrical panel.

If a homeowner can eliminate all moisture sources in the home, they will do a huge favor for themselves and avoid any corrosion that may otherwise occur. If corrosion becomes too bad, then the connections in the electrical panel will become compromised. An electrician can inspect the damage and determine if repairs or replacement would be the best option.

Double Taps

In the electrical industry, the term “double tap” means several physical or hot wires connected to a lug. This is common with breakers and is usually done because there are no other slots present in the existing panel to add new circuits. Another option is for an electrician to “tap” into the current circuit found at the breaker’s connection. Even though this is not a huge cause of concern, double-tapping is not considered a proper installation.

Oversized Fuses or Breakers

This is a problem that is called “overfusing.” When this occurs, it means that a load-carrying wire is undersized compared to the rating of the breaker or fuse it is connected to. This is a condition that can be extremely serious, and it has the potential to cause a serious house fire and devastating results.

Improper Bonding

The best type of bonding to have present inside an electrical panel is called box bonding. However, not all electrical panels have this. It is generally accepted that every type of interior main electric panel will have a type of panel enclosure present. If there is a sub-panel in the same structure, there should not be any bonding used.

Missing or Bad Handle Ties

The handle tie is the device that will provide a physical connection to the two breaker switches that are on any two-pole breaker. It is important to note that these ties should not be replaced with just any other item type. Usually, the ties are missing completely. In some cases, the materials are shorter pieces of wire or nail. This represents a huge hazard and may cause serious electrical problems.

Don’t Wait to Call for Help

When it comes to electrical panel issues, the worse thing that a homeowner can do is wait to call for service, repairs, or replacement. As more time passes, the electrical panel’s situation and state will get worse and have the potential to cause even more damage and harm.

Calling an electrician at the first sign of a problem makes it possible to find any issues and ensure that any issues are repaired or replaced when needed. Take some time to find the right electrician, as this will help ensure the right repairs are made, regardless of the present issues.

How to Find the Right Electrician

When it comes to hiring an electrician, there are many factors to consider. Take some time to find the right electrician by asking for recommendations and learning about some of the local area’s options. By doing this, a homeowner can feel confident they have found an electrician who will help with their specific problem and ensure that the issue is addressed promptly.

Remember, not all electrical issues are the same. As a result, it is necessary to hire an electrician who has experience with different types of issues. This is going to help ensure that no problem is overlooked and that the desired results are achieved. In the long run, finding the right electrician will pay off and ensure that the underlying issue is fixed.

By being informed and knowing what an electrician can do, a homeowner can get the services and repairs needed. Keep this in mind to know how to handle any type of electrical issue that may be present. Doing this is going to minimize issues and safety hazards.