Residential Electrical Services in Springtown, TX

Before calling for help from local electricians, most people want to make sure they are really needed. After all, who wants to pay for Electrical service they don’t actually need?

While this is a common train of thought for homeowners, putting off necessary electrical repairs can be quite dangerous. That’s why getting to know the signs that residential electrical services are needed is such a good idea. Please keep reading to learn more about the tell-tale signs it is time to invest in these repairs and inspection services.

Flickering Lights

There are more than a few reasons that lights in a home may flicker. A single flickering light could be an indication of a wiring issue with that specific fixture. If the fixture is buzzing and flickering all at once, it may be a sign of some fault with the wiring.

However, if there are several lights in the home that are dimming or flickering when a large appliance comes on, it is an indication that the circuit breaker box requires professional electrical repairs or service. In most cases, the appliance will be drawing so much power that it will pull electricity from the smaller fixtures that need it. If this issue is not repaired, it may lead to a dangerous overload. This problem is common in many older homes that have older electrical panels installed. If this situation persists, it may be necessary to upgrade the electrical panel using a 150- or 200-amp service. An electrician can let homeowners know more about what they should install.

Circuit Breakers That Trip Often

A circuit breaker will trip if an electrical device starts to pull excessive power through the wires all at once. Usually, a household will trip a circuit breaker from time to time if there are too many power-demanding devices plugged in and then turned on. If the circuit breaker trips too often, though, it could indicate that the house is not receiving enough electrical service or that the breaker box is being overloaded with daily activities. For older homes, it may be time to upgrade the panel. It is best to speak with an electrician to see if this is necessary.

Excessive Use of Extension Cords

It is pretty easy to overload a circuit if there are more than a few extension cords plugged into a single outlet. If a homeowner uses more than one extension cord in a single room or has to plug extension cords into power strips, or if they use extension cords as a permanent source of power in a home, it may be a sign more outlets are needed. It is good to work with a professional electrician to have new or more outlets installed in areas or rooms of the house where there are not enough. Adding the outlets will eliminate the need for extension cords.

Outlets That Are Hot to the Touch

If there are hot outlets in a home, it is a sign that the wire on the other side of the outlet plate has started to heat up. This is a sign that the circuit is overloaded. If the outlet is typically warm when an appliance is plugged into it, it is good to call an electrician to have it inspected. If the outlet only gets warm when a specific device has been plugged in, it may require a dedicated circuit. The electrician hired can help a homeowner figure out what the right course of action is.

Fuses Are Used Instead of Circuit Breakers 

In the past, fuse boxes worked fine. However, poor maintenance and old age have resulted in some fuse boxes being dangerous. Some fuse boxes were “rigged” by homeowners several years ago to provide a higher amount of power to certain circuits. When the bigger fuses were installed, it was possible to get more power. However, this is dangerous, and if the problem is not repaired, it may lead to a fire.

It is a good idea to have an electrician inspect the fuse box to look for any signs of improper usage or other signs that there could be a problem. It all depends on the state of the fuse box, but in many cases, the electrician may recommend that the homeowner upgrade to a circuit breaker box.

When it comes to electrical issues, a homeowner cannot afford to take chances. Be sure to keep the tips here in mind to know the signs it is time to call a professional for service or repairs.